Monday, March 14, 2011

Facebook Friends

Facebook can be a great thing and it can be a reason to wonder why you are attached to such people.  Then you realize that you can delete them from your life!

I am a "friend" of the Farm PEI facebook page and I think I am making an enemy of this guy/person, I'm assuming it's a guy but correct me if I'm wrong.  There have been a few posts that I read that I wonder what it has to do with farming in PEI and then there are posts that just slam agriculture and all its practices.  I replied to his post that maybe he shouldn't bite the hand that feeds him quite so harshly.

Well then the war was on.  I can't "un-friend" the guy, I can't delete the page because I feel like I am his devil's advocate, always seeing the good in agriculture and its farmers. I'm putting it on myself to inform the reader that all of what he is posting (mostly from American websites) is not truth.  In fact, I am going to contact a few scientists and ask some questions about the validity of the information he is linking to his facebook friends.  I'm also hoping that a few other "friends" will add their comments because there aren't many people replying to his posts, maybe because they are scared of the conspiracy theory?

I've made a few inquiries to the intention of the Farm PEI facebook owner but to no avail, yet. I don't mean to stop this person from bringing up some issues but let's see both sides of the argument.   I hope that if and when I do meet this person, he (she) will sit and have a beer with me and discuss farming in PEI, farming in Canada, farming in general, with a little less severity than is portrayed on the facebook page.

If you get to his facebook page, he seems to like music too.

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