Monday, December 6, 2010

Seeing is believing...

It's a windy day in the neighbourhood, the neighbourhood...I'm afraid my house may blow off it's foundation.  Sorry, no rhyme there, just the truth.

The start of another week and hopefully an extension of the visual recovery that I had last week. Last week started with being able to see through the blank spot that has been affecting my vision for the past 6 weeks and the recovery each day was exhilarating. To lose any percentage of your eyesight is truly an eye opener and I was lucky enough to eventually get my sight back.  Even though I can see through this spot, I still have trouble seeing yellows and things are darker than normal.  Believe me, dim lighting is only cool for romantic dinners and watching television.

To say that I only had about 10% of my vision left may seem horrible but when you close your eyes and see nothing, 10% is a heck of a lot.  And it's a lot to be grateful for.

I rely on my OTT Light at my desk and I really wish I had one shining on my clothes shelving so I could pick out blue jeans vs black jeans.  I've only been wearing white shirts lately because that's the easiest to pick out of the closet.  That and any colour sweater that may match blue or black jeans.

For whatever reason, my creative juices have started to flow in that, I have been thinking about sewing or knitting crafts as Christmas presents.  Why would that happen when I can't see well enough to do any of that.  Is that just a challenge that my mind has given me to prove that I can do it with only minimal vision?  I have been imagining the photos that I will enlarge and the posters of my pictures that I will create and the frames that I will make...maybe not such a good idea to be using a skill saw with reduced eyesight.  Is it a good idea to be making posters when I don't really see colours as I think they should be, which may become distorted to what actually is?

I may have to take that challenge anyway, just so that when I do see normally again, and I will, I will look back on this past eight weeks of visual distortion (pain included) as a growth and maturity that got me to that point in life, be it good or bad.

Let the healing continue...namaste

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